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Today’s Deals and Steals 3/5/2018

Hello Savers. Here’s a round-up of some lesser known deals and steals across thr web. Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase, I may or may not receive points or some pennies. So, let’s get to it! Here are the sales too good to pass up today!


It’s been so cold lately, I’m obsessed with preparing for the beach 🌴 So today, I’m giving you a heads up on a deal on Sunglasses


This package of 8 randomly selected sunglasses is a Great savings. These retail at your local discount stores for $10-$16 a pair and sell for $20-$40 each at the beach. Here is your chance to get them at $1.87 a pair with FREE SHIPPING!
These will sell out quickly.

Also with the beach 🌴 thought, there’s some amazing jewelry on sale at Palm Beach Jewelry right now! When you go to the beach, the sand and salt is not forgiving. It can totally wreak havoc on your beautiful wedding or engagement ring. For a limited time you could get the gorgeous ring below for $8 for your vacation and still wear a beautiful ring to the beach!

70% off at Palm Beach Jewelry
70% off at Palm Beach Jewelry


If you have ever shopped at Petmate you already know they have some super low prices on some of the best foods and products. For a limited time get free shipping on orders of $25 or more with code: SHIPBFF

For the college crowd, there’s so many ways to pay down your loans. One of the easiest way is by shopping. Monger is an incredible site where every purchase earns your points that can be redeemed in student loan payments.

There are more deals today. I’ll update this page as they are discovered.

Chrissy of Chrissy's Deals
Chrissy of Chrissy’s Deals


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