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Today’s Deals and Steals 3/21/2018

Good morning (or afternoon) Frugal Family, it’s a great day to save!! $$ Let’s get this week moving along while we save some dough! As always, I’m required to tell you that some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase through one of these links I may or may not receive points or in some cases pennies as compensation for your purchase. I honestly wish I could say it was a whole lot more than pennies! But, it just isn’t.


This sale is too good to pass up. Today only you van get 2 pieces of this gorgeous jewelry for $12 & free shipping! These pieces are a beautiful reminder of our worth and goals ladies.
Just use code: 2FORINSPIRE2 at Cents of Style’s site by clicking in the photo. Additional sales going on include Sandals starting at $10 each with free shipping. Use code: SANDALSTYLE to get $5 off. That’s just $5 for one pair.

If you love fashion and still have a secret love of magazines, you’ll love this! Get a years subscription to Cosmopolitan for just $12. Use code: WOW20 to get an additional 20% off!  Click here for a digital subscription or here to get it in the mail. That’s a steal at $10.
Cosmopolitan (Digital Edition)

If fashion is not your interest, the Food Network magazine has the same pricing and discount code. If you like your magazines digital, you can get a digital subscription here for the same price.

Get free makeup brush when you join LiveGlam today! CLICK HERE to Redeem Your FREE Makeup Brush.

In this age of identity theft the market has exploded with protection and monitoring programs. The best price I found for these services is here:
Sign up for Identity Guard today
You will get a 30-day trial into the essential program and be billed $8.99 a month after the trial ends. Similar programs from other companies run $19.99 per month

Everyone should have a small hand sanitizer within reach. On the go, Birdie is the cutest, most fashionable way to carry it. It’s not on sale right now, but it’s priced well already. Keep an eye on this product, because in the future, it’s going to be huge! Birdie sells for $8.99 with $0.50 shipping.

robin-side-up birdie
robin-side-up birdie


For a limited time get 50% off your first Ellebox with code: HELLO50 – Choose the Essential Box monthly which is regularly $10.99, choose whether you want pads or tampons or a mixture of both, and then checkout using the code. It’s the best way to keep the essentials on hand without worry of ever running out and try the service at a fraction of the regular cost!!

Get free makeup brush when you join LiveGlam today! CLICK HERE to Redeem Your FREE Makeup Brush.

Crafty much? Checkout the massive sale/clearance at Craft For Less! These items won’t last long and range from scrapbooking, to sewing, to knitting, to everything crafty! No code needed! - Create More, Spend Less

BBQ season is just around the corner! Just for today, these charcoal starters by Instafire are on sale 20% off. You may have seen them on Shark Tank. I have used these personally and can tell you they are awesome. The food didn’t taste or smell like anything but charcoal and it ignites so easily.

Here’s a buy 1 get 1 sale on Corelle Dinnerware. Sale ends tomorrow!

For a limited time grab these pink ceramic rose earrings for $4.50! Original price was $20, now on sale for $14.99. When you add them to your cart, you get an additional 70% off at Palm Beach Jewelry!

Rose floral earrings
Rose floral earrings


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