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Today’s Deals & Steals 4/30/2018

I love Savers! I owe you my deepest apologies. I’ve been caught up celebrating birthdays, and life in general and neglected to give you some of the best deals around the internet lately! I sincerely apologize. As always I must tell you some of the links included in this article are affiliate links. I may receive compensation if you make a purchase through one of these. Now on with the show…

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and there are a ton of specials right now to treat yourself with (or drop hints to your lifs or significant other).
DIY COLLECTIVE is offering 25% off for Mother’s Day 2018 with code: LOVEMOM

DIY COLLECTIVES ChrissyAdventures
DIY COLLECTIVES ChrissyAdventures

Interested in gorgeous jewelry?
This gorgeous cz set in true 14k gold is just $29!
50% OFF Coupon Code: Group

For the camper, survivalist, or general outdoorsman (or lady) here’s a great buy on a miracle fire starter! InstaFire 18 Pack
Use code: MARK20 through June 1st!

Here’s one of the best gifts ever for anyone or yourself!! If you haven’t heard of Birdie you are completely missing out. The Minnie hydrating hand sanitizer doesn’t look, feel or smell like hand sanitizer. With 500+ sprays and a twist-lock for safety, this 2.5″ tall cutie packs a punch!
You can get a 3 pack of Minnie for $19.49 or a 2 pack of Minnie’s big brother Birdie for $16.99. The Birdie is a natural hand sanitizer that hydrates for 24 hours. His unique design includes 350+ sprays on top and 10 dry wipes tucked below to make a wet wipe on the go.

Mom’s love photo’s of their precious babies! If you are looking for the perfect unexpected way to wow mom wh6 not rent a gorgeous outfit from Rainey’s Closet! Use this link to get 15% off your 1st order.

If you know a Momma that loves South Western wear, check out Cowgirl Kim. Use my promo Code: CKaffiliate20 to get 20% your purchase.

Like to workout but can’t afford a personal trainer? For a limited time you can get a FREE 7 day trial with Julian Michaels!

For the ingredient conscious Mom check out Generation Klean. Generation Klean was born after a very frightening cancer scare left Co-Founder, Jasmine Abedi, desperately searching for well-functioning cosmetic and hair products that were void of toxic chemicals linked to many growing cancers among men and women. Given the limited availability of these products, Generation Klean was born to provide men and women with a healthier and trend setting alternative that far surpasses the world’s most popular cosmetic and hair brands.

For your hard rock loving, big hair band, concert fanatic Mother, check out ūüéł!! Get % off with code: ROCK15

That’s it for now, there’s a lot more to come. Subscribe to stay in the loop!!


Chrissy of Chrissy's Deals
Chrissy of Chrissy’s Deals

Blogger Resources, Promo Codes, Saving Money

Affordable Promotion Resources for Businesses and Bloggers

Resources for Bloggers ChrissysDealsI’m just getting started and I need help finding dependable resources for Blogging.

Help!  I need affordable blogging resources!

Hello super savers!

Today’s article is dedicated to the entrepreneurs of the world. You know, those small Mom & Pop businesses and sites that need a little help along the way. Bloggers are entrepreneurs too, although they don’t typically see themselves that way. I have compiled a list of amazing resources for small businesses here to assist.

One of the most exciting aspects of starting your own business or website is sharing  your ideas with the world. At first you are full of ideas and thrilled to share.  As time goes on, it is not uncommon to develop writers block. For those short lived times, here is a resource to help until you get the fog out of your head.  Articoolo (below) is a great temporary resource.


As a new business owner or blogger you may need some photos to help with your pages or advertisements. DepositPhotos is a great place to get low cost images.  I warn against the free stock photo sites strictly because if you host duplicated content on your site, major search engines will discredit your site.  You never want this when you are just getting started.  Using your own clear, high resolution photos or purchasing some are much more respected by Google and Bing.  Avoid free stock images!

Stock Images


Advertising is an¬†important¬†part of business, especially when you are first getting started.¬† Free advertising is always great and asking¬†your friends and family to help you spread¬† the word is¬†expected.¬† But where do¬† you go from here?¬†¬†If you are not careful, you can pend hundreds of dollars on advertising with pay per click (PPC) or banner ads online.¬† If you don’t target your audience exactly right, you may be wasting hard earned money without a decent return.¬† In this modern age of communication, phone calls and text messages have a crazy high return on investment.¬†It is a unique and often time overlooked form of advertising that can create huge revenue if used properly.

Mass Notification -


You could have the best photos, content and products available on the market,  but if your grammar and spelling are bad, the major search engines will lower your rank.  Not to mention that people will eventually think you are not a valid, trustworthy or legitimate site.  It is extremely important when you are just getting started to be as relevant to your field as possible with the best grammar, photos, and original content.  The grammar checker below has a free service and paid. There is also a plagiarize checker! (Plagiarism will lower your rank also!!)

The #1 Writing Tool


Consider purchasing a strong VPN service! When you have an online presence, privacy goes out the window. With a strong yet affordable VPN service, you will be able to mask your location and prevent strange people (or creepers) from knowing where you actually live.  Be sure that you protect your location and your family!


Another risk of developing an online presence as an entrepreneur is the risk of having your personal data or identity compromised.  Take the steps to protect yourself in the beginning of your journey can be much easier than doing after being hacked.


Your brand is you! Your brand defines the services you offer, the products you sell, or your writing.  Protect your brand with an inexpensive brand protection service now. I used the service to see where all my brand was located and found that my brand is being used on various platforms by other people and a lot of bots. I hate bots.  Anyway, the company below saved me a lot of research and time and helped me identify that I may want to rebrand sometime soon!

Sign up at


Speaking of your brand, it should have a distinguishable logo that draws people and creates recognition.  This way when you begin to advertise there is already some recognition associated with your logo.



Get feedback from your existing customers before those comments become critical and start spreading like wildfire across the web!



One of the most powerful forms of advertising will be direct marketing to an already interested customer base.  The plug-in below works well with WordPress to help you grow your email list!

MailOptin - #1 WordPress lead generation and automated email marketing plugin


Many brands do better with an app that offers rewards. Below is a low cost, quick and easy way to get your app built for the iPhone community!

Create iPhone Apps in Minutes.


If you are struggling with your current online template, try seeking advice from other bloggers and site owners. Normally they don’t hold back when offering advice. You can also reach out to a marketing and design company like the one below.

MyInDesign Banner Ad


Have you run into difficulty creating that perfect form on your site? Profile Press offers social plug ins that allow users to easily comment, like, share and sign up on your site.


Running a site on Auto Pilot has to be everyone’s dream! I know it was mine before I found a way to automate!


Social Sprinters is another great resource for the blogger or entrepreneur! They offer some of the best Facebook plugins to help increase your sales on Facebook! Plus, you can try it for free.

Start collecting new leads, sales or just entertain your customers.

Source Coast is another great Facebook integration service.

JFBConnect - Facebook on your Joomla site


If you are interested in the automation process, Tailwind has you covered for Instagram and Pinterest!! This amazing service you can try for free and watch your traffic boom as your audience grows. This automation is amazing!

Visual Marketing from Tailwind


If you are still new and just aren’t sure where to start, what to do, or which way to go with your blog – Enter The Blog Village. This amazing resource is listed below!!

The Blog Village - Tools and training for a successful blog


If you are still in the concept stage or you just aren’t happy with the platform you chose at first, you can always migrate to WordPress. Migration is easy, guided and well….simple.


If you have other questions, hang ups or I just didn’t solve your issue with getting started, drop me a line and I will respond ASAP!