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Today’s Deals and Steals 3/21/2018

Good morning (or afternoon) Frugal Family, it’s a great day to save!! $$ Let’s get this week moving along while we save some dough! As always, I’m required to tell you that some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase through one of these links I may or may not receive points or in some cases pennies as compensation for your purchase. I honestly wish I could say it was a whole lot more than pennies! But, it just isn’t.


This sale is too good to pass up. Today only you van get 2 pieces of this gorgeous jewelry for $12 & free shipping! These pieces are a beautiful reminder of our worth and goals ladies.
Just use code: 2FORINSPIRE2 at Cents of Style’s site by clicking in the photo. Additional sales going on include Sandals starting at $10 each with free shipping. Use code: SANDALSTYLE to get $5 off. That’s just $5 for one pair.

If you love fashion and still have a secret love of magazines, you’ll love this! Get a years subscription to Cosmopolitan for just $12. Use code: WOW20 to get an additional 20% off!  Click here for a digital subscription or here to get it in the mail. That’s a steal at $10.
Cosmopolitan (Digital Edition)

If fashion is not your interest, the Food Network magazine has the same pricing and discount code. If you like your magazines digital, you can get a digital subscription here for the same price.

Get free makeup brush when you join LiveGlam today! CLICK HERE to Redeem Your FREE Makeup Brush.

In this age of identity theft the market has exploded with protection and monitoring programs. The best price I found for these services is here:
Sign up for Identity Guard today
You will get a 30-day trial into the essential program and be billed $8.99 a month after the trial ends. Similar programs from other companies run $19.99 per month

Everyone should have a small hand sanitizer within reach. On the go, Birdie is the cutest, most fashionable way to carry it. It’s not on sale right now, but it’s priced well already. Keep an eye on this product, because in the future, it’s going to be huge! Birdie sells for $8.99 with $0.50 shipping.

robin-side-up birdie
robin-side-up birdie


For a limited time get 50% off your first Ellebox with code: HELLO50 – Choose the Essential Box monthly which is regularly $10.99, choose whether you want pads or tampons or a mixture of both, and then checkout using the code. It’s the best way to keep the essentials on hand without worry of ever running out and try the service at a fraction of the regular cost!!

Get free makeup brush when you join LiveGlam today! CLICK HERE to Redeem Your FREE Makeup Brush.

Crafty much? Checkout the massive sale/clearance at Craft For Less! These items won’t last long and range from scrapbooking, to sewing, to knitting, to everything crafty! No code needed! - Create More, Spend Less

BBQ season is just around the corner! Just for today, these charcoal starters by Instafire are on sale 20% off. You may have seen them on Shark Tank. I have used these personally and can tell you they are awesome. The food didn’t taste or smell like anything but charcoal and it ignites so easily.

Here’s a buy 1 get 1 sale on Corelle Dinnerware. Sale ends tomorrow!

For a limited time grab these pink ceramic rose earrings for $4.50! Original price was $20, now on sale for $14.99. When you add them to your cart, you get an additional 70% off at Palm Beach Jewelry!

Rose floral earrings
Rose floral earrings


Promo Codes, Saving Money

Best Subscription Boxes of 2018

Hello Beautiful! In the world of monthly subscription boxes there are a few that stand out above the crowd. Some of these you may be familiar with, but others will really surprise you!

How do you decide which is the best for you? Personally, I have experienced many of the different boxes available.  I would impatiently bug my mail lady everyday as I excitedly waited for my much-loved box to arrive.  When that perfect eureka moment occurred, I would be over-joyed …for the 1st couple months. Then, like most of you, my excitement would fizzle to disappointed after the 3rd or 4th box.

Suddenly, I’d be relentlessly searching for a new subscription box that would fill that void and make everything right with the world.  I’m saving you the disappointment and fizzle. I have tons of experience with this crazy addiction, so I have put together…

The Ultimate List of Best Subscription Boxes for 2018

Some of these links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase I may receive points or some pennies.


If you like variety in your subscription box Peaches and Petals is for you. This monthly subscription box brings mystery to your mailbox each month as you anxiously await its arrival. Items vary from jewelry to clothing to household items to beauty! A subscription cost $19.99 per month with Free Shipping.



If you are looking for inspiration Faithbox is for you. Each month you will receive around 7-10 inspirational products, literature, and faith enforcing devotionals. It’s a bit of faith building each day with products that are eco-friendly and “Do Good” worthy. Faithbox is priced at $25 monthly + $5 shipping or $24 monthly + $5 shipping if you buy the 3 month subscription or finally $22 per box + $5 shipping with the one year plan. If you’d like to try them out without buying a box, they also have a subscription available to their Everyday Faith Devotional series for just $4.99.

If you like to read faith building books by Christian authors, Bette’s Box of Blessings is for you. This subscription box is completely different. Most people receive 2 types of books, a pack of cards to send out for various occasions and one crafted item. This one is really great for a reader. Get $5 off your first box with code: SHARE

Fitness Fanatic


Dude, If you love fitness in all forms and you workout regularly, you’ll love JackedPack! This pumped up busting out the Bulk subscription is brick! This subscription service is uniquely tailored to each subscriber. You tell them your height, weight, fitness goals and even the flavors you like. Each month for $15 + Free Shipping they send you 5-10 samples of products to try. Since you tell them flavors you like, you won’t end up with banana flavored supplements if you prefer chocolate! Like most, the price is better with quantity. Subscribe for 6 months & your 6th box is FREE. When you sign up for 12 months, you get 3 boxes free!!


Looking for a softer workout at home? Fit Lifestyle Box is for you. With this subscription you’ll get a T-shirt, 2-4 snacks, a 30 day workout challenge and more. This lifestyle box cost $20 per month + $6 shipping.




Keto anyone? The Ketogenic diet is wildly popular and the Keto Box is paving the way to an easier Keto life. Plus they have an engaged community you can join. With this subscription box you’ll get 7-10 snacks each month along with coupons for $40 a month with FREE shipping. For a limited time use code: IAMASMARTSHOPPER to get $3 off your first box!



Do you have a crazy sock addiction? Would you rather your feet be decorated to reflect your personal style or mood? If you answered yes, I’ve got a great funky sock subscription just for you. Sock Fancy is a monthly funky sock subscription service that will keep you smiling. Fill out your profile and choose your subscription. You could get 1 pair of socks a month for $11, 2 pairs for $19, or 6 pairs each month for $57. Shipping is included. Last choose your billing preference (pay up front or monthly) and wallah… You’re funky socks will ship. These are awesome socks made of 70% cotton (which I like), 14% polyester, 13% nylon, and 3% spandex. They come with a 2″ non slip band and reinforced toe. Designed in Georgia, these socks are just peachy. What more could you ask for? I love these ❤



If you like wild & crazy socks, perhaps you may like Sock Panda 🐼 They offer various subscription variations including kids, tweens, and adults. Right now you can get 10% off the monthly subscription with code: XOPANDA for St Patrick’s Day. This company donates socks to homeless shelters, under privileged classrooms and low-income senior centers for every subscription they get. You choose the size first, the choose patterns & colors or Wild & Crazy or maybe one of each. Next select your subscription and payment method. Ordering 1 pair Monthly is $12, 6 months is $11, and 1 year is $10 per month billed yearly. These socks are made in Peru by the same company that manufacturers socks for Addais, Reebok and Fila. No matter when subscription begins, these ship out to you within 5 days.

Snacks & Food

Who knew it could be so exciting to get food in the mail! Oh yeah, you can get a monthly box of healthy, vegan, and non GMO snacks delivered straight to your door.


Your urthobox will include full size products that are in the category you choose: classic, gluten-free, diet, or vegan. Boxes ship on the 15th of each month. Choose from a mini box of 6+ for $19.99 all the way up to the large box where you get 25+ for $49.99! Shipping is free to the US & $6.95 to Canada or $14.95 world wide!


Sweet Tooth? InstaCandy has you covered. With free shipping, they will ship you a box of deliciously mouth-watering sours or sweets each month. These full size products are a great cheat or pick-me-up. Month to month at $24.99 gets you 8+ full size candies. If you opt for the 3 month plan, you’ll get each box at $20.99. Six month plan comes in at $17.99 per month. PLUS right now when you buy a box, you’ll get one Free!! That’s 16+ full size candies for 25 bucks if you want to try them out!


Fresh Bagels from New York are available from the Bagel of the Month subscription box. You could start out with 6 bagels for 1 month that you select for $24.99 + FREE shipping!! Prices and subscription options go all the way up to 13 bagels each month for 12 months for $399.99. These are big, hearty, fresh and tasty!


Do you like BBQ? Yeah? You’ll love the BBQBOX! For $24.99 per month +s/h, you’ll get 1 bar-b-q sauce or marinade, 1 rub or spice, a tasty treat (jerky, etc), a sample pack of premium wood chips and a recipe from Miron Mixon showing you ways to use what you received. header-mobile

Moms and Pregnancy

Are you expecting a baby or a Mom already? There’s a box for you too! Bluum is a unique subscription box that contains goodies from pregnancy to preschool. Each box is tailored to your baby’s age, gender, size and milestones. Pricing starts at $34 billed monthly.



Hey Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Papaw & Mamaw… Your babies need to read. One of the coolest book subscription services is bookroo! This company allows you to customize your subscription by financial need, ages & book types. There’s so many options available, you just have to check it out to appreciate it. You can buy a subscription yourself or gift one. Hint hint Grandma! Right now, you can get 15% off your order with code: BOOKS2LOVE


Box of Challenge is another great subscription! Each month receive a new challenge to work out with your family. It’s a race though, you only get 60 minutes. The thought process here is providing you with an engaging activity to promote family time. No cell phones, TVs or video games. The cost is $29 each month and 5% of all profits are donated.

Adult Only Beverages


For connoisseurs of fine spirits, I have a club for you! Flaviar Whiskey Club boast to be the world’s largest club of spirits enthusiasts. A 3 month membership cost $60 and gives you access to 1 themed tasting box per quarter, personalized flavor tastings based on your profile, live tasting events around the world, free shipping every month on purchases, and access to a digital home bar where you can track your stock and reorder easily, and finally you have access to rare bottlings. This on is unique in itself and only suitable for the mature.

Women Only

It happens to all of us. It’s a part of life. From youth through mid-life we must suffer through our time of the month. There are up sides and down sides to this miracle in life. Sometimes you are filled with joy and relief because it came, other times it’s a painful unwelcome intrusion during an otherwise lovely vacation. No matter how it comes, Ellebox has us covered. This subscription brings relief in many forms. Pick your subscription level from tampons, pads, to chocolates and such. Right now get a Comfort Box using Code: APRIL10 to get $10 off.  It’s like a 911 Period box to give you a pick me up. They also have a tween subscription that comes along with educational materials to educate your youngster (since they won’t listen to you and already know everything). Subscriptions start at just $10.99 and go up from there. All tampons and pads are organic, fragrance free, oil free,  chemical free and help preserve the body’s natural PH levels that are so easily disrupted. Use code: HELLO50 to get 50% off your first box!!



If you are looking to update your style, Penny & Grace may be for you. This gorgeous subscription gives you 3 pieces of modern and dainty jewelry pieces each month for $19.99 with FREE shipping.


On a different note, if you’re looking for bolder pieces, The Bijoux Box may be better for you. Each month you’ll receive 3 beautiful piece of jewelry plus a fun bonus. Cost is $39.99 and shipping is free. slide-1-image


If make-up, color, shading and brushes are your thing, I have found a great high quality brush subscription for you ❤ Liveglam hosts  MorpheMe subscription service where you can get 3-8 makeup brushes each month for $19.99 +Ships free in the US. You’ll score reward points each month that you can turn in for free makeup! You can change-up the brushes or cancel anytime. Simple, useful, and perfect for make up brush junkies! Click here to get a bonus free brush with your first box! Or join the nail polish club! Get 3 gel-like nail polishes each month plus free shipping for just $19.99/mo! Visit now.

Perfume, Cologne, Scents

Smell wonderful always with a subscription to ScentBox. Each month choose from over 800 fragrances. Your box arrives in a special signature keepsake box. Usually Just $13.95 per month with free shipping, but use this link and code: SCENT50 to get your first box for 50% off!


Horror buffs will get excited about this one – HorrorPack. You get 4 DVDs for $19.99 per month with free shipping! BluRay subscriptions start at $24.99.



If you are like me, you crave to be outdoors and Adventure. Nomadik is a monthly subscription box for Adventurers! Each month you’ll get 3-5 unique pieces of gear starting at $29.99. Each box is themed and products are tested before adding to the program. Bonus, you’ll also gain reward points for signing up, subscription renewals and referring friends.



Pet Treater is a monthly subscription box that should turn your mail carrier into your Fido’s best friend. Each month you’ll receive 7-9 dog treats, toys, and accessories for $24.99 monthly + FREE shipping. Just select your dog’s preferences and treats are on the way!

This list will be updated as 2018 progresses ❤